Tour of Recovery Efforts

Prattsville, N.Y., Feb. 22, 2012 ---  after Hurricane Irene. Hans Pennink/FEMA Photo by Hans Pennink - Feb 21, 2012 - Location: Prattsville, NY

Surveyor Courses

Elevation Certificate for Surveyors (IS-1103). The FEMA Elevation Certificate is an administrative tool of the NFIP which is used to provide elevation information necessary to ensure compliance with community floodplain management ordinances, to determine the proper insurance premium rate, or support a request for a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA). Elevation Certificate for Surveyors highlights the various sections of the Elevation Certificate and provides necessary resources for surveyors, engineers, architects and community officials in understanding how to properly complete the Elevation Certificate. In addition to a fundamental overview, this course offers advanced topics such as Engineered Flood Openings, Floodproofing, and V Zone Design Certificates.

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