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Photo of flooded houses.
Midwest Floods, July 1993 -- Homes, businesses, and personal property were all destroyed by the high flood levels. A total of 534 counties in nine states were declared for federal disaster aid. As a result of the floods, 168,340 people registered for federal assistance. Photo by Andrea Booher/FEMA Photo by Andrea Booher - Jul 08, 1993
House being repaired.
New Orleans, La., November 16, 2008 -- Community Rebuilding and Flood Protection Expo. This unfinished mitigated house is a prime example of the recovery process taking place in Lakeview—a suburb of Greater New Orleans. Photo by Ralph Simcox - Nov 15, 2008 - Location: New Orleans, LA
FEMA assessing flood damage
Fairfield Beach, Conn., Oct. 31, 2012 -- Several oceanfront homes in Fairfield Beach have been destroyed. FEMA is now able to access the area and is assessing the situation and identifying the needs of storm survivors. Photo by John Kosciolek/FEMA Photo by Marilee Caliendo - Oct 30, 2012 - Location: Fairfield Beach, CT
FEMA Specialists talking to a disaster survivor
Taylor, MI, October 11, 2014 – Edward Persico (left), FEMA Hazard Mitigation Community Education and Outreach (CEO) Specialist, and Lanaina Upham (center), FEMA Disaster Survivor Assistance (DSA) Specialist, assist and inform disaster survivor Jorge Flores (right) in a Walmart store in Taylor, Michigan in response to severe storms and flooding on August 11-13, 2014 that adversely impacted the Michigan counties of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb. FEMA supports local and state governments and tribal entities in their efforts to recover from natural disasters. Photo by Christopher Mardorf / FEMA.
Skid steer loader piling up wreckage on a curb
Long Beach, N.Y., Nov. 14, 2012 -- debris removal begins in this Long Beach N.Y. neighborhood by contract workers who will be paid with FEMA Public Assistance funds. FEMA is here to help survivors recover from Hurricane Sandy. George Armstrong/FEMA Photo by George Armstrong - Nov 13, 2012 - Location: Long Beach, NY
House flooded in winter.
Valley City, N.D., April 12, 2009 -- A house sitting in backed-up Sheyenne River floodwater in Valley City, ND. A cascade of unusual weather events in the region is resulting in historical flooding; warmer spring temperatures are melting the winter snow pack contributing to the disaster. Mike Moore/FEMA Photo by Mike Moore - Apr 11, 2009 - Location: Valley City, ND
Flooded road
May 16, 2017, St Louis, County, MO - Several weeks after the devistating floods, some road are still impassable dure to hkgh water. (Photo by Steve Zumwalt/FEMA) Photo by Steve Zumwalt - May 16, 2017 - Location: St. Louis, Missouri
FEMA Conducts Training for State Emergency Staff on EMMIE
Kentwood, Mich., July 23, 2013 --Jason Kirkman, FEMA Region 5, and Mark Page, Information Technology Specialist, prepare computers for a two-day workshop in using the Emergency Management Mission Integrated Environment (EMMIE) grant tracking program. Information sharing is important to the grant application and tracking process. Photo by Marilee Caliendo/FEMA Photo by Marilee Caliendo - Jul 22, 2013 - Location: Kentwood, MI
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