Number Title Date
W-13058 FEMA’s Participation in State-Sponsored Non-Binding Wind versus Flood Disaster Claims Mediation Program  09/26/2013
W-13032 Available Coverage for Cooperatives  06/11/2013
W-13029 Proper Invocation and Usage of the Appraisal Clause Provisions in the Standard Flood Insurance Policy  05/15/2013
W-13027a Claim Guidance – Sandy Supplemental Claims  05/16/2013
W-13025a Claims Guidance - Structural Drying and Other Related Items  05/14/2013
W-13025 Superseded by W-13025a  05/03/2013
W-13024 Clarification and Modification of FEMA Bulletin w-13006, Section 2(c), Regarding The Time Frame To Initiate and Complete ICC Claims For Losses Unrelated to Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma, and Guidance Regarding Instances Involving Assignment of Increased Cost of Compliance Benefits to Communities  04/24/2013
W-13020 Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 – Flood in Progress Determinations – Polices Qualified for Coverage Under the Provisions of Section 227(b)  04/09/2013
W-13015 Revised Severe Repetitive Loss Letters Effective May 1. 2013  03/21/2013
W-13009 Water, Moisture, Mildew, or Mold Damage  02/15/2013
W-13007 Ability of a Write Your Own (WYO) Program-Participating Insurance Company to Pursue Legal Action to Recover an Improper Payment  0212/2013
W-13006 1. Conditional Waiver to Allow Partial Payments of Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) Benefits Under Standard Flood Insurance Policy, Section III, Coverage D

2. Clarification of the Rule Regarding the Time Limit To Present an ICC Claim, and Amending Bulletins w-06019, w-09015, and w-12067