Number Title Date
W-12115 Meteorological Event Sandy – Flood Damaged Contents Claim Guidance 12/19/ 2012
W-12108 Meteorological Event Sandy – Accelerated Partial Payment Process for up to $25,000 for Certain Mechanical Elements of Buildings and an Additional $5,000 for Necessary Doors and Windows to Preserve Health and Safety, and Conditional Waiver of Standard Flood Insurance Policy General Conditions (J) and (M)  11/30/2012
W-12100 Notice of Limited Waiver of the Sixty Day Time Limit to Submit Proofs of Loss in Standard Flood Insurance Policy General Condition (J) to Extend the Time for Sending Proofs of Loss in the States of AL, FL, MS, and LA for Claims Related to Hurricane Isaac  11/20/2012
W-12092a Conditional and Partial Waiver of the Proof of Loss Requirement in the Standard Flood Insurance Policy (SFIP) for Losses Related to Meteorological Event Sandy and One year Extension To Send a Proof of Loss In The Event An Insured Believes Additional Amounts Are Owed Under Their SFIP  11/09/2012
W-12092 Superseded by W-12092a  11/09/2012
W-12090 Debris Removal  11/06/2012
W-12089 Hurricane Deductibles  11/06/2012
W-12084 NFIP Adjuster Fee Schedule – 2012 Revision  11/02/2012
W-12070 RESCINDED – Variations Between the Code of Federal Regulations and the Printed Standard Flood Insurance Policy Forms  09/21/2012
W-12067 Wind vs. Flood Loss and Additional Claims Guidance  09/14/2012
W-12045 Superseded by W-18001  07/10/2012
W-12017 Guidance Regarding SFIP Section IV (Property Not Covered), Subpart 2 (Buildings Over Water)  03/05/2012