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Insurance companies participating in the Mortgage Portfolio Protection Program (MPPP)

  1. American National Property and Casualty Company
    Name: American National Brokerage Operations
    Phone: (417) 887-4990

  2. American Strategic Insurance Corporation
    Subsidiaries: ASI Lloyds and ASI Select Insurance Corporation
    Name: Flood Insurance Customer Service
    Phone: (866) 511-0793

  3. American Traditions Insurance Company
    Name: Cindy Lee
    Position: Flood Administrator
    Phone: 727-489-9104

  4. Assurant, DBA: American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida
    Name: Patricia A. Mulvania
    Position: Vice President
    Phone: 800-423-4403 ext 5165772

  5. Bankers Insurance Group, DBA: First Community Insurance Company
    Name: Ruth Bennett
    Position: Flood Solutions Director
    Phone: 800-627-0000 x4280

  6. Centauri Specialty Insurance Company
    Subsidiary: Centauri National Insurance Company
    Name: Felicia Cox
    Position: Chief Marketing Officer
    Phone: (941) 870-0204 ext. 203

  7. Cornerstone National Insurance Company
    Name: Bob Gass
    Position: Vice President, Underwriting & Policy Compliance
    Phone: (800) 218-2223 Ext 127

  8. First American Property & Casualty Insurance Company
    Name: Kelly Darling
    Position: Administrative Assistant
    Phone: (714) 560-7928
    Name: General Company Contact Number
    Phone: 888-920-1155

  9. First Insurance Company of Hawaii
    Name: Jeffrey Shonka
    Position: President
    Phone: 808-527-7777
    Fax: 808-543-3403

  10. Hartford Fire Insurance Company
    Subsidiary: Hartford Fire Insurance Company of The Midwest
    Refer to your Local Agent, or for Agent Locator:
    Name: Kim Boccio
    Position: Flood Operations, Mgr

  11. Homesite Insurance Company
    Subsidiaries: Homesite Indemnity Company, Homesite Insurance Company of California, Homesite Insurance Company of Florida, Homesite Insurance Company of Georgia, Homesite Insurance Company of Illinois, Homesite Insurance Company of New York, Homesite Insurance Company of the Midwest, Homesite Lloyd's of Texas
    Name: Terrell Smith
    Position: Agency Supervisor
    Phone: 801-559-9058

  12. Integrand Assurance Company
    Phone: 800-638-6620

  13. Mapfre PRAICO Insurance Company
    Name: Alexis Sanchez
    Position: Sr. VP Und & Reins.
    Phone: 787-250-5292

  14. Metropolitan Property & Casualty Insurance Company
    Subsidiary: Metropolitan Direct Property & Casualty Insurance Company
    Name: New Policy and Customer Service
    Phone: 877-638-0022
    Name: Sarah Deede Alfieri
    Position: Flood Program Coordinator
    Phone: 401-827-2954

  15. National General Insurance Company
    Subsidiaries: Imperial Fire & Casualty Insurance Company, Integon Casualty Insurance Company, Integon General Insurance Company, Integon Indemnity Corporation, Integon National Insurance Company, MIC General Insurance Corporation, National General Assurance Company
    Name: Teri Rhodes
    Position: Marketing
    Phone: 318-703-3024

  16. NGM Insurance Company
    Subsidiaries: Main Street America Assurance Company and Old Dominion Insurance Company
    Name: General Company Contact Number
    Phone: 603-352-4000
    Name: Joe Landers
    Position: Flood Manager
    Phone: 904-380-7412

  17. Occidental Fire & Casualty Company of North Carolina
    Name: Jodi Mauk
    Position: Product Manager
    Phone: 941-782-1024

  18. Pacific Indemnity Insurance Company
    Name: Monique Baysingar
    Position: Underwriting Manager
    Phone: (671) 588-4201

  19. Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company
    Name: Pamela Moats
    Position: Flood Product Manager
    Phone: 877-672-7945 ext 8295

  20. Selective Insurance Company of America
    Subsidiaries: Selective Casualty Insurance Company, Selective Fire & Casualty Insurance Company, Selective Insurance Company of New England, Selective Insurance Company of New York, Selective Insurance Company of South Carolina, Selective Insurance Company of Southeast
    Refer to your Local Agent, or for Agent Locator.
    Name: General Company Contact Number
    Phone: 800-777-9656
    Name: Cassie Masone
    Position: Vice President, Flood Operations
    Phone: 973-948-1390

  21. United Surety & Indemnity Company
    Name: Janice M. Pagan
    Position: CISR Manager
    Phone: 787-625-1108

  22. Universal Insurance Company (PR)
    Name: Michelle Diaz
    Position: Flood Insurance Coordinator
    Phone: 787-706-7372

  23. Wright National Flood Insurance Company
    Name: Patricia Latshaw
    Position: SVP & PFC
    Phone: (540) 522-9025