Files have been updated as of 07/31/2018

The following files contain the full Community Status information.

Community Status Files by State

These files get updated on a monthly basis.

State Text File Excel File HTML
Alaska Stateak.dat Stateak.xls Stateak.htm
Alabama Stateal.dat Stateal.xls Stateal.htm
Arkansas Statear.dat Statear.xls Statear.htm
Arizona Stateaz.dat Stateaz.xls Stateaz.htm
California Stateca.dat Stateca.xls Stateca.htm
Colorado Stateco.dat Stateco.xls Stateco.htm
Connecticut Statect.dat Statect.xls Statect.htm
Delaware Statede.dat Statede.xls Statede.htm
District of Columbia Statedc.dat Statedc.xls Statedc.htm
Florida Statefl.dat Statefl.xls Statefl.htm
Georgia Statega.dat Statega.xls Statega.htm
Guam Stategu.dat Stategu.xls Stategu.htm
Hawaii Statehi.dat Statehi.xls Statehi.htm
Iowa Stateia.dat Stateia.xls Stateia.htm
Idaho Stateid.dat Stateid.xls Stateid.htm
Illinois Stateil.dat Stateil.xls Stateil.htm
Indiana Statein.dat Statein.xls Statein.htm
Kansas Stateks.dat Stateks.xls Stateks.htm
Kentucky Stateky.dat Stateky.xls Stateky.htm
Louisiana Statela.dat Statela.xls Statela.htm
Massachusettes Statema.dat Statema.xls Statema.htm
Maryland Statemd.dat Statemd.xls Statemd.htm
Maine Stateme.dat Stateme.xls Stateme.htm
Michigan Statemi.dat Statemi.xls Statemi.htm
Minnesota Statemn.dat Statemn.xls Statemn.htm
Missouri Statemo.dat Statemo.xls Statemo.htm
Mississippi Statems.dat Statems.xls Statems.htm
Montana Statemt.dat Statemt.xls Statemt.htm
North Carolina Statenc.dat Statenc.xls Statenc.htm
North Dakota Statend.dat Statend.xls Statend.htm
Nebraska Statene.dat Statene.xls Statene.htm
New Hampshire Statenh.dat Statenh.xls Statenh.htm
New Jersey Statenj.dat Statenj.xls Statenj.htm
New Mexico Statenm.dat Statenm.xls Statenm.htm
Nevada Statenv.dat Statenv.xls Statenv.htm
New York Stateny.dat Stateny.xls Stateny.htm
Ohio Stateoh.dat Stateoh.xls Stateoh.htm
Oklahoma Stateok.dat Stateok.xls Stateok.htm
Oregon Stateor.dat Stateor.xls Stateor.htm
Pennsylvania Statepa.dat Statepa.xls Statepa.htm
Puerto Rico Statepr.dat Statepr.xls Statepr.htm
Rhode Island Stateri.dat Stateri.xls Stateri.htm
South Carolina Statesc.dat Statesc.xls Statesc.htm
South Dakota Statesd.dat Statesd.xls Statesd.htm
Tennessee Statetn.dat Statetn.xls Statetn.htm
Texas Statetx.dat Statetx.xls Statetx.htm
Utah Stateut.dat Stateut.xls Stateut.htm
Virginia Stateva.dat Stateva.xls Stateva.htm
Virgin Islands Statevi.dat Statevi.xls Statevi.htm
Vermont Statevt.dat Statevt.xls Statevt.htm
Washington Statewa.dat Statewa.xls Statewa.htm
Wisconsin Statewi.dat Statewi.xls Statewi.htm
West Virginia Statewv.dat Statewv.xls Statewv.htm
Wyoming Statewy.dat Statewy.xls Statewy.htm
American Samoa Statezz.dat Statezz.xls Statezz.htm
Micronesia Statefm.dat Statefm.xls Statefm.htm
Mariana Islands Statemp.dat Statemp.xls Statemp.htm