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National Flood Insurance Program Claims Adjuster Certification

This page provides information about the claims adjuster certification process for the National Flood Insurance Program.

How do I register for a Claims Adjuster Workshop?

View our claims adjuster workshop schedule for a complete list of workshops and registration instructions.

What is the application process for becoming a certified Adjuster?

The application form and information about the process and requirements are on the Adjuster Participation in the NFIP page.

How can I get a current year ID card?

For assistance with your ID card or certification application, contact NFIP iServices at or (301) 386-6356.

I have forgotten my FCN (Flood Certification Number).

Contact the NFIP iServices help desk at, or (301) 386-6356.

NFIP Adjustment Standards and Requirements

New and veteran NFIP certified adjusters should refer to the NFIP Claims Manual and Claims Adjuster Forms for details about adjustment standards and requirements. These standards and requirements begin on page II-2 of the manual and are critical to a successful NFIP flood claim adjustment.